LG confirms V30 will have 6-inch OLED display with curved edges, tiny...

LG confirms V30 will have 6-inch OLED display with curved edges, tiny bezels

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LG is a big fan of teasing products.We have a whole lot of information on the upcoming LG V30 already, but now LG has just come out and confirmed that the phone will have a 6-inch OLED display with curved edges and very small bezels. This marks an immediate change from the LG G6, which has an flat LCD but is otherwise expected to lend much of its design to the upcoming phone. The V30 will go with OLED for the first time in a top-end LG phone since the G Flex 2.

Even though the LG G6 has a solid LCD, there are several advantages available to LG when it goes with OLED. The screen technology isn’t as thick as an LCD, can offer punchier colors, and often isn’t as reflective in bright sunlight. OLED is the only way for phones to currently offer the response time necessary for VR as well, which is what initially tipped us off to the idea that the V30 would go AMOLED a couple months ago.

Going with AMOLED has tons of advantages.

A large portion of the smartphone industry has gone to AMOLED screens, in part following Samsung’s lead as it stuck with AMOLED for several years now. LG is obviously no stranger to OLED panels either, with its display division making everything from massive OLED television panels down to some very interesting P-OLED (that stands for “plastic OLED”) screens like the one that will be in the V30. That P-OLED tech will let LG curve the edges of the V30 to make the phone narrower. This won’t be flexible like the G Flex series, though — it’ll be covered in Gorilla Glass 5.

Alongside the panel announcement, LG used the opportunity to tease the shape of the V30, which you can see above. Not

Article originally published at: Android Central