Price drop: Many MWC flagships are now cheaper

Price drop: Many MWC flagships are now cheaper

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It hasn’t even been five months since Mobile World Congress 2017 and you can now buy most of the latest smartphone releases with a deep discount. Flagship smartphones that cost over $800 in March are now available at the price of a cheap high-end or mid-range smartphone.

Each year, there are numerous new smartphone releases, from expensive high-end smartphones with prices that are partly advertised at up to $1,000 or more to cheaper entry-level smartphones for roughly $150. While the latter hardly or only minimally experiences price decreases, the story is entirely different with so-called flagship smartphones. After only a few months, the high introductory prices follow a downward trend, allowing people to obtain the devices at lower prices after a few months. We took a look around and show you which of 2017’s MWC flagships will actually save you the most moolah.
LG G6 – Robust smartphone with excellent 18:9 display
The current top model of the 2017 LG smartphone lineup was released to market with a retail price of $730. At the time, LG was neck and neck with the price of its main competitor, the Galaxy S8. However, now the street price for the LG G6 has reached an all-time low of roughly $489. So, anyone looking for a thoroughly great smartphone can now obtain an LG G6 for under $500 and save about $240 compared to the MSRP when sales began in the US in April.

The LG G5’s modularity is no more – the G6 is a very good smartphone without fancy extras. / © AndroidPIT
Huawei P10 – Elegant smartphone with Leica camera
Even Huawei’s P10 with the dual camera by Leica is seeing its

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