Reminder tip: Disable Wi-Fi during sleep to dramatically increase idle battery life...

Reminder tip: Disable Wi-Fi during sleep to dramatically increase idle battery life on tablets and devices you don't often use

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Many of us have a tablet or an extra phone (or more) that we keep lying around the house or office for media use, for reading or browsing, for testing, or maybe even as remote controls for smart home appliances. Thing is, 8 times out of 10, when you pick up this tablet or phone to use it, you discover the battery is completely drained because you forgot to put it on the charger and you haven’t used it in a while so you didn’t notice the low battery level.
The issue is multi-fold and hard to diagnose: sometimes there’s a sleep bug in the processor, sometimes your Wi-Fi network is jammed and exacerbates the battery drain, and sometimes you have so many things syncing in the background that the device is constantly working and never really idle. Check the tragedy of Artem’s Pixel XL’s battery life – barely an hour of screen-on time and it’s drained.
The solution is simple and it might be very obvious for some of you, but it hadn’t occurred to most of us at Android Police until Artem thought about it a couple of days ago and mentioned it yesterday: disable Wi-Fi when the screen is off. All Android devices have this option somewhere in the Wi-Fi settings either in the overflow menu, some Advanced settings screen, or under Preferences. Regardless of where it is, the setting is called Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and the default is Always. But if you want to increase battery life, especially on devices where you don’t care about instant notifications and background sync, you should change that to Only when plugged in. Or if you don’t even want the device to sync when it’s charging, then you can choose Never.

This setting is magical.
The main downside to choosing this setting is that you’ll probably get bombarded with

Article originally published at: Android Police