The future of virtual reality is a collective hallucination

The future of virtual reality is a collective hallucination

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With Blocks, Google released a design tool allowing 3D objects to be conjured into virtual reality. This may not initially sound very exciting but in combination with other puzzle pieces from the Google universe, this paints a fascinating picture of where and how we can conduct social meetings in the future. 

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This free app is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Using a few simple tools, users can create 3D models and then share them with the community. But the quality seen on the demo and the uploaded Low Poly models is still far from photo realistic.

Google Blocks & Co: Builders of dreams
Google already has some tools at its disposal to change this. Autodraw for example, transforms scribblings into handsome drawings. The Paper to Pixel Recursive Super Resolution from the Google Brain Team demonstrates how artificial intelligence can beautify pictures with fine details. 
In the near future, our three-dimensional VR doodles can morph into detailed models. Thanks to machine learning, this will happen automatically and based on our individual preferences (which Google is already familiar with). This environment could be our new living room, or provide us with a virtual space to meet with friends and family. Facebook has demonstrated this already with its VR platform Spaces.
And in the same way that digital screens replaced paper, time spent in virtual reality will soon come to rival time spent in the real world. Google, Apple, Facebook and others will do everything they can to control this next great ecosystem. The company that builds the best and most customized platform for the user will triumph. This company controlling the ecosystem will

Article originally published at: Droid Life