The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shouldn't have a Bixby button

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shouldn't have a Bixby button

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A pretty useless button that could be used for other things
Samsung has admitted that Bixby isn’t ready to compete with the other assistants on the market, and that’s why it incorporated Google Assistant into the Galaxy S8, and it has collaborated with Amazon Alexa for its smart home products. Bixby has got off to a rough start, and it’s all been a bit disappointing. Galaxy S8 users are furious that they can’t use the Bixby button for something more useful.
We already know that this new button will be incorporated into the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is basically just repeating the same mistake (it’s supposed to be a digital and voice assistant, it doesn’t make any sense to have a physical button). However, Google Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi 3 can be activated by clapping without the need of a physical button.

Opinion by Luis Ortega

Samsung should just get rid of the Bixby button on the Note 8 or give users the option to choose what it does.
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Bixby isn’t available worldwide yet (there are regional and language limitations) but its button is, and it’s on its way to being on two key devices. In many places around the world where they worship Samsung’s high-end range, this button is basically redundant. Plus, it gets in the way when you’re trying to lower the volume.
My outrage grew even more when Samsung blocked the apps that popped up to give different uses to this button, which is dedicated to a feature that can be accessed in multiple ways. Samsung could just turn a blind

Article originally published at: Droid Life