Verizon Up is the carrier's new rewards program, replaces Smart Rewards

Verizon Up is the carrier's new rewards program, replaces Smart Rewards

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Today Verizon has opened up a new rewards program for its customers. It is meant to replace the company’s older Smart Rewards program, which also ended as of today (though points remain valid for use until November). The new rewards system is called Verizon Up, and it’s a very different kind of rewards program.
While the previous system assigned points based on actions like paying your bill via a checking account, signing up for paper-free billing, or using My Verizon to manage your account — in addition to an elaborate series of set rates for cash spent in specific categories — the new system is a bit simpler. Now you just get one credit for ever $300 (cumulative across billing periods) that you spend with Verizon. One credit can be redeemed for one reward. But, not all rewards are created equal.

You see, there are three categories of rewards in the new system. You have Earned Rewards, Unexpected Rewards, and Super Tickets. The first are small things like credit towards a future device, or discounts with Verizon or a partner. The Unexpected Rewards are more random. They are special offers which do not require points for redemption, and which occur on special occasions, like your customer anniversary.
Super Tickets are, as the name suggests, tickets for things like sports events or concerts. But those you can’t just get based on cash spent and points redeemed. Apparently they’ll only be offered in limited quantities for redemption on a first come first served basis. Coupled with the Super Tickets is another higher tier of so called Dream Tickets. Those are for “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences, and they are only available for select customers.

Verizon Up credits expire after 60 days, so you’ll have to spend them within two months of receiving them, or they are gone. So while it might

Article originally published at: Android Police