YouTube for Android TV 2.0 sparks outcry for being a web wrapper...

YouTube for Android TV 2.0 sparks outcry for being a web wrapper and not supporting brand accounts

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The YouTube for Android TV app was updated to version 2.0 last month, with an all-new interface and changes to the video player. While there are a few great aspects of this update, like the new auto-play screen, many users aren’t happy with it.
The main complaint is that YouTube for Android TV is now a web wrapper for the YouTube on TV webapp. If you click that link, you’ll get the same exact UI that Android TV users now have. While I don’t really mind the interface, it definitely strays a bit from Material Design. Some users are reporting that the app is slower and buggier than it was before, likely due to the overhead of running a browser behind the scenes.
Another major problem with the update is that you can’t login with brand accounts – that is, channels not tied to a personal Google+ account. Multiple threads on the YouTube Help Forum are filled with complaints, with a Google Community Manager simply responding with, “We confirmed that the new version of Android TV isn’t compatible with brand accounts for the moment.”
I can understand Google opting for a web wrapper – it allows them to have one universal app for all consoles, smart TVs, and set-top boxes. But it’s not excusable for an app update to not have all the functionality of the previous version. Hopefully Google will resolve this soon, but there isn’t a (public) timeframe right now.

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Article originally published at: Android Police