A new 'Super Mario Run' update is out, and you can expect...

A new 'Super Mario Run' update is out, and you can expect a handful of new content along with a lower price

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That’s right, if you had forgotten all about Super Mario Run, it might just be time to check back in and see what is new. Not only is there an all-new character you can unlock, but there is a new mode called Remix 10, where you play through 10 random successive sections pulled straight from the game’s numerous levels. Oh, and if that was not enticing enough, Nintendo has halved the original $9.99 price down to $4.99 for the next two-weeks.

As of today Super Mario Run has been updated to version 3.0.4, and with this new version comes a few new additions to the game. Not only can you expect a new mode, a new character, and a new world with new levels in tow, but there is a pretty cool new feature where you can listen to your own music instead of the provided Mario Run soundtrack.
For a more in-depth look at what is on offer with version 3.0.4, please read the quoted text below.

■Remix 10: Super Mario Run courses done short and sweet!In Remix 10, you’ll challenge 10 very short courses in a row. Daisy is lost somewhere along the way, so if you play enough courses you’ll be able to find her! You’ll also be able to play some extra Bonus Games and a Super Bonus Game to get various buildings for your kingdom as you run through this mode.
■Even more fun with World Star!There are some new courses to explore, including a forest, a ship packed with coins, and a whole airship armada. Each course adds a whole new level of fun!
■Daisy, a new playable character, is here, and she brought a double-jump skill with her!If you play through enough Remix 10 courses, Princess Daisy of Sarasaland will join your group of friends. Her double-jump

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