A year and a day: The short history of Google's Allo so...

A year and a day: The short history of Google's Allo so far

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Allo was released on Google Play just over a year ago, on September 20th. It suffered a bit at the hands of hype between its early announcement at 2016’s I/O and the actual release, which didn’t come for months. But since then it has been a major part of the conversation when it comes to Android. Google made a big decision and faced a lot of criticism when it resolved to launch another messaging service. Now that it’s been a year, how has it held up?
Almost all of our readers should be familiar with Allo. And the full explanation is literally just below.  But if you’ve been under a rock for the last year, the short version is that it is a messaging platform that makes heavy use of the Google Assistant to provide extra features. Sort of like Facebook Messenger and it’s M assistant, but with way more functionality.
In its short history, Allo has seen a lot of criticism. That’s mostly because a lot of people saw it as the replacement for Hangouts, and it wasn’t quite able to fill those shoes at launch. From a certain perspective, Google did paint Allo as a Hangouts successor. With the introduction of Allo it began removing popular features from Hangouts, and Google even publicly stated that Hangouts’ future was in business use.

Allo may have seen a lot of changes over the last year, and a lot of them were quite significant, but it really still hasn’t been able to replace Hangouts.

Auspicious announcement
Last May pre-registration for Allo and Duo opened during I/O when they were both announced. From the beginning, it was evident that Allo had a different focus than Google’s previous messengers. On the surface, it seemed a bit insipid, like Google was trying desperately to “fun” things up, advertising features like stickers

Article originally published at: Android Police