Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone X: has the anniversary iPhone production been...

Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone X: has the anniversary iPhone production been delayed?

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The unveiling is just around the corner, and leaks are still arriving daily. Apple is likely to be revealing three new iPhones, and we’re particularly excited about the anniversary model. There’s new confusion as rumors swirl about the name, display and possible arrival delays of the new smartphones. Plus, you can check out a hands on video of the anniversary edition phone and read the details on leaks of the new iOS 11 features.

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Apple iPhone 8: price and variants
Let’s talk about the price. The Apple iPhone 8 will cost a pretty penny. The model created for the tenth anniversary of the Cupertino firm phone leaves the “normal” iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus as alternatives. While the two “normal” iPhones are expected to follow the current pattern of prices, it is expected that the iPhone 8 approaches the threshold of $1000. Here is what the price distribution may look like:
Apple iPhone 7S: from $750
Apple iPhone 7S Plus: from $900
Apple iPhone 8: probably over $1000
There’s some confusion around the name of the new iPhone. What appears to be sales packaging of the anniversary iPhone calls it iPhone X rather than iPhone 8. Since X is the roman numeral for 10, this makes sense for the tenth anniversary device. The image was later taken down, which is just more evidence pointing to it being real. So, it’s possible that the devices we thought would be the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will actually take the names iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 
Apple iPhone 8: release date in September
In recent years Apple has presented its new iPhone in September, placing them on the market shortly after. The iPhone 8, or

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