Because of the S-Pen, the Galaxy Note 8 has no competition in...

Because of the S-Pen, the Galaxy Note 8 has no competition in the eyes of fans

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is slated for release next week and strives to revamp the Note series’ reputation. While current smartphone fans now believe that there are many alternatives to the new, large Galaxy smartphone, one thing is certain for Note fans: The Galaxy Note 8 has no competition, and this is due to the S-Pen.

When Samsung introduced the first-ever Galaxy Note, I asked myself two questions: Who needs such a large smartphone and who the heck still uses a stylus nowadays? The former was settled long ago, while my answer to the latter has been “nobody” for a long time. But Samsung has improved the stylus over the generations and has convinced me of its benefits. The S-Pen in the Note 8 is so capable that its usefulness can no longer be denied. And yet: No other manufacturer has jumped on this bandwagon, a fact that continues to give Samsung a true edge. In today’s often criticized – and mostly still existant – smartphone banality, that is worth its weight in gold.
With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has further refined and enhanced the S-Pen’s functions. Out of the S-Pen’s many functions, three of the most important ones for me that truly and greatly increase the smartphone’s usefulness in practice are the following:
Notes on the lock screen: With the Galaxy Note 8 and the S-Pen, I can actually create up to 100 pages without even having to turn on my smartphone. Furthermore, some pages can be pinned to the lockscreen and, thanks to the always-on display, are always visible on the screen. You can say goodbye to paper-based shopping lists!
The magnifying glass: The S-Pen can

Article originally published at: Droid Life