Divoom Timebox Mini review: Fun, but ultimately underwhelming

Divoom Timebox Mini review: Fun, but ultimately underwhelming

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I’ve grown jaded to the Bluetooth speaker market lately, but I always hop on the chance to review a new one in the admittedly futile hope that it will exceed my general expectations of the product segment. I get really excited when I’m pitched something that has a truly unique aspect to it — and no, I don’t consider durability or weatherproof-ness to be unique anymore. But do you know what I really dislike? When something has a lot of promise, both in premise and presentation, but it falls flat on its face, so to speak, in most areas.
This is the Divoom Timebox Mini, a little speaker/smart alarm clock that seriously excited me when I heard about it. There’s plenty to do with its 11×11 LED screen, but that fun and excitement is quickly overshadowed by its underwhelming sound quality and an annoyingly bad companion app experience. The Timebox Mini, in the end, disappointed me greatly.

Design & build quality

The Timebox Mini is a diminutive square, measuring in at 3.5 x 3.6 x 1.5 in. It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere; it found its home on my desk and nightstand. It’s a truly spartan design, which is fine by me. The soft-touch plastic feels nice, and it grips most flat surfaces well (thanks partially to the tiny, tiny knobs that serve for feet). The back of the device is home to the speaker, which is underneath a grille of the same soft-touch plastic, as well as the microUSB and audio in/out ports. On the front is the near bezel-less screen, which gets very vibrant and colorful, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Up along the top are the playback buttons and on the right side are the power and mode switch keys. Like I said, it’s a pretty

Article originally published at: Android Police