Essential team takes to Reddit AMA, promises Oreo update and Verizon certification

Essential team takes to Reddit AMA, promises Oreo update and Verizon certification

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Andy Rubin hosted a Reddit AMA, and answered some burning questions the community had.After a few delays, the Essential Phone was finally released last month to awaiting fans and critics. While the Phone certainly has a nice design and exotic materials, there are parts of the device that are a bit of a compromise at the retail price of $700. In our review we noted that the camera felt far from finished, and general issues with stability have been ongoing despite multiple OTA updates since.

In a Reddit AMA today, Essential co-founder Andy Rubin (as well as other Essential staff members) responded to numerous questions regarding the camera and stability problems the Essential Phone is facing, as well as other questions on the community’s mind. Rubin himself says the team is happy with the hardware of the camera, and they’re still working on tuning it in software. That’s fortunate since it means the issues can (technically) be fixed for existing users, rather than having to wait for a hypothetical Essential Phone 2 to get a great (or even acceptable) camera experience. But before they get there, they’re also nearing completion of an update to fix the major bugs and crashes users are currently facing.

The first goal is stability and bug fixes … then we get better performance and Oreo.

Elsewhere, the team says that kernel sources and factory images will be released in the next few days. That will be very beneficial for custom ROM developers to learn just how the phone ticks, while the factory images are always a great way to get back to safety after some experimentation. In the same comment, the Essential team said that Android 8.0 Oreo will be released for the device in the next month or two. Given how little Essential has customized in terms

Article originally published at: Android Central