FrontRow review: An interesting concept, but not a great buy at $399

FrontRow review: An interesting concept, but not a great buy at $399

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Cameras are absolutely essential to our lives these days. After all, what would we do without our Snapchat Stories and Instagram selfies? How else would we communicate with the outside world? There’s a reason why cameras have been crammed into everything from smartwatches to quadcopters; the ability to capture our memories so easily and in such great detail, then share them with anyone we’d like to, is simply amazing.
Ubiquiti Networks, a company most famous for its WiFi equipment, thinks so too. Nearly two months ago, it debuted the FrontRow, a camera that you wear on your body so that you can capture great moments without compromising your own live experience. However, at a rather steep $399, is it worth it? I’ve had a FrontRow for a couple of weeks now, and while it is a very cool piece of hardware, I’d have to say no.

The outside
The FrontRow is, without a doubt, an eye-catching little device. Its teardrop shape makes it look like a super futuristic stopwatch (which it can function as, by the way). Front and center is a circular LTPS display, albeit with a “flat tire” on the bottom, and it boasts a not-unimpressive 327ppi. This screen may not be noteworthy aside from its odd shape, but it’s not terrible either. Viewing angles are decent, and you can still see it at maximum brightness should you be underneath the sun. Right below that display lies a capacitive home button, and above it is the secondary 5MP camera.

Turn the FrontRow over and you’ll see its pride and joy: an 8MP wide-angle camera with an aperture of f/2.2 and optical image stabilization aboard. The back is covered by a nice, round piece of glass with the FrontRow crown logo in the middle. And while you’re staring at the camera, you

Article originally published at: Android Police