Google has already started working on Android P

Google has already started working on Android P

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Google is working on Android P already! And even though we’re all still getting to know Oreo, it’s looking very exciting. According to the latest news, Android P is going to be right at home in the Internet of Things.

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This comes as no surprise to be honest. An operating system is not going to be created in a week and even with its significant workforce, Google still has to move ahead too. This latest news was relayed to us by XDA, who discovered a new tag in AOSP that shows that Google is now testing Android P on the Pixel and Pixel XL. Obviously, this is not intended for users or even beta users yet, just for the Google team. 
O for Oreo. P for pancake? Or popsicle? © AndroidPIT
Google aims for better integration of Android Things with Chromecast in Android P
Android Things, previously known as Brillo, is Google’s upcoming Android-based solution for embedded systems. Intended as an OS for the Internet of Things, it’s designed to be compatible with relatively lightweight systems (as low as 32MB of RAM). The OS is still in its early stages so don’t expect to see many Android Things devices commercially available this year, but Google is clearly working on tuning up the OS in the upcoming months. One such tweak is Chromecast integration, set to be rolled out with the release of Android Things based on Android P (9.0).
Our colleagues at XDA discovered a new volume control API on the Chromium Gerrit that enables the user to synchronize the volume level between Android Things and Chromecast devices. Although a small change, it’s a clear indication that Google is working

Article originally published at: Droid Life