Google Pixelbook, a laptop-tablet hybrid with a $99 "Pixelbook Pen," will start...

Google Pixelbook, a laptop-tablet hybrid with a $99 "Pixelbook Pen," will start at $1199 and top out at $1749

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Google hasn’t been selling the Chromebook Pixel for a while now, but it looks like there’s a new one on the horizon called the Pixelbook. This flagship Chromebook will sport some very nice hardware, but it won’t be cheap; pricing will top out at a whopping $1749. Yes, $1749 for a Chromebook, and you’ll have to pony up another $99 for the “Pixelbook Pen.”

The Pixelbook is the “new Chromebook Pixel” we wrote about around a month ago. We don’t have many specs on hand, but we do know that the device will be a two-in-one device that has the ability of folding into a tablet by flipping the keyboard behind the screen. From the picture that we have, we can see a USB Type-C port, a headphone jack, a volume rocker, and what is likely a power button. It will only come in silver. You’ll also be able to purchase a Pixelbook Pen, a pressure-sensitive stylus with tilt support and reportedly zero lag.

Now, for the pricing. Take a deep breath. The Pixelbook will come in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage variants, with the 128GB coming in at $1199, the 256GB at $1399, and the 512GB at a whopping $1749. Plus, the Pixelbook Pen will cost an additional $99, meaning that with tax, you could be blowing around two grand on a Chromebook. What a world we live in.
We’ll hear more about the Pixelbook on October 4th. You’ll be able to see the Pixelbook on the Google Store here, and the Pixelbook Pen here.

Article originally published at: Android Police