Google Store's trade-in program is already live for the Pixel, and the...

Google Store's trade-in program is already live for the Pixel, and the offers aren't great

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We first learned about a possible trade-in program that Google was running with the launch of the Moto X4 on Android One. But at that time, we only knew that Nexus devices would be eligible for offers up to $165, and that trade-ins before October 5th would get an additional $50 of Fi credit. The Google Store’s trade-in program has now gone live ahead of the Pixel 2 launch, and the offers are unsurprisingly low.

Here’s how this trade-in program works: you get an offer online for your current phone, purchase a new Pixel phone, then ship the phone to Google and get a refund in the form of credit on your card. Your offer is based on the phone’s storage size, the carrier, whether the screen is cracked, and whether it turns on. Pretty standard stuff.

You’re probably here to hear some of the offers for the more popular phones. So without further ado, here are prices for all the Android phones and some of the iPhones:
Galaxy Note5: $61-150
Galaxy S8+: $66-$345
Galaxy S8: $59.60-$305
Galaxy S7 edge: $40.40-$175
Galaxy S7: $52-$150
iPhone 6: $35-$143
iPhone 7 Plus: $68-$388
iPhone SE: $30-$143
LG G6: $35.20-230
Nexus 6P: $113-165
Nexus 5X: $82.50-$115
Nexus 6: $35-$80
So yeah… not the best prices. All in all, there are only nine Android phones and seven iPhones eligible. The Nexus devices are listed under both their manufacturer and Google, which is smart thinking on Google’s part. But you’re still much, much better off trying to sell your phone on eBay or Swappa, and in most cases, you’d get double the Google Store’s offers. Google already has a support page up that will guide you through all the ins and outs of the process should you be interested (let’s be honest, it’s not likely).

If Google deems you worthy enough to see the trade-in offer, you’ll be able to see

Article originally published at: Android Police