LG V30 review: the V series is back with stunning design

LG V30 review: the V series is back with stunning design

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LG just presented the LG V30 at IFA. It’s this year’s top smartphone from the manufacturer, and with high end specs and a certain something special, it’s sure to be a winner. We got the chance to test out a pre-production model in advance so we could share our impressions of the most important features with you. Plus, we now have more information on its release in the following section.

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LG V30 release date and price
The V30 is available in South Korea and will ship soon to North America, Europe and other key markets. The LG V30 will come in four colors: black, silver, blue and violet. In Korea, the V30 will cost 949,300 KRW, which is equivalent to $840.
Although the exact release date is still unknown, stores and carriers in the US and the UK have finally displayed prices for LG’s new flagship.
LG V30 prices in the US
AT&T will stock V30 units in stores from October 6 (next Friday) with pre-orders starting the day before. A 30-month plan costs $27 a month, so that works out to $810 total.
T-Mobile will be taking pre-orders from October 5 (next Thursday) and online sales start on October 13. T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan will cost $80 up front and $30 per month. Only the Silver version is available. T-Mobile’s 600MHz band is supported.
Verizon will also carry the V30 starting from October 5. Pricing is yet to be announced.
In addition to the standard V30, there will also be a V30+, which will come with 128 GB of internal storage (rather than 64 GB). In the US,

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