Opinion: The iPhone X will overshadow the new Pixels, and Google needs...

Opinion: The iPhone X will overshadow the new Pixels, and Google needs a battle plan

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Today, Apple announced the iPhone X to the fanfare of hundreds of members of the media, investors, and its own employees at a large event in the company’s new purpose-built Steve Jobs Theater, housed within its brand-new mega-campus. Next month, Google will announce the second generation of its Pixel smartphones, alongside a handful of other new products, at what will likely be a comparatively small affair attended almost exclusively by technology journalists. It will probably be in a nice – but decidedly rented – event space in San Francisco.
Apple will ship millions of iPhone Xs before the year is out, assuming supply is not an issue. Tens of millions, eventually. Google will be lucky to ship millions of Pixels period.
The iPhone X is an impressive piece of hardware, designed from top to bottom by Apple – down to the A11 chipset and custom OLED display panel. The new Pixels will be mild evolutions on existing designs created by Google, using parts bin solutions from Qualcomm, LG, HTC, and other companies.

Google’s 2016 Pixel event was polished, but a far cry from an Apple or Samsung event – in scale or ambition
The iPhone X will have a more powerful processor. It will have two cameras instead of one. It will have wireless charging (the new Pixels almost certainly will not – they’re metal). You’ll be able to buy it, get it fixed, and have your questions answered about it in inside an Apple store. And every carrier store. And Target. And Best Buy. The Google Pixel will be available at Verizon (probably only Verizon again) and on the Google Store, neither of which are particularly appealing from a post-purchase support standpoint.
But for every weakness it is obvious the new Pixels will have when competing against the iPhone X that are too

Article originally published at: Android Police