Poll: What do you think of the camera cutout design trend?

Poll: What do you think of the camera cutout design trend?

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The industry trend toward bezel-less displays is bringing more favorable screen to body ratios to more smartphone users, and I think that’s a great thing. But, some manufacturers are making controversial design compromises in order to achieve these smaller frames. We want to know what you think of the already notorious notches of the iPhone X and Essential Phone. 

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Also known as a camera cutout, the notch refers to the area where the display wraps around the front facing camera and sensors of a device. The Essential Phone and the iPhone X are introducing the design concept to Android and iOS users, respectively. These are two highly visible devices, so there’s a good chance that other manufacturers could pick up cues from them and incorporate the notch into future designs of their own devices.
While I like bezel-less displays, I’m not a fan of this particular design compromise on either of the aforementioned devices. While the camera cutout certainly stands out in a sea of rectangular displays, I don’t think it sticks out in a good way. It leaves a sense of there being something missing, and neither Apple nor Essential made an effort to blend it in by making the status bar black.
Check out the camera cutout on the Essential Phone. / © Essential
With this shift toward bezel-less displays, our collective idea of what a smartphone looks like could change radically. Home buttons are migrating to the back of devices or disappearing entirely. The iconic iPhone look, a home button and big bezels at the top and bottom of the display, is going to be

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