The Doogee S60 is 'the one who reinvents rugged phone'

The Doogee S60 is 'the one who reinvents rugged phone'

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There are a few rugged smartphones on the market, like the Galaxy Active series or the LG X Venture. But maybe those aren’t tough enough for you. Do you need a phone that will survive “fields, underwater and other outdoor environments”?¬†What about one that is “manly, strong, and special in market”? If so, the Doogee S60 might be for you.

The S60 (no, not that S60) has a super durable design made of “a special material” and is covered in a gold finish, because who says tough phones have to be ugly? The front has a 5.2″ HD display with Gorilla Glass 5. The S60 is powered by a MediaTek Helio P25, which “features a powerful performance” and is “rarely found in a professional rugged phone.” After all, everyone knows that the Galaxy Active phones would be much better with a MediaTek chip. Doogee does what Samsundon’t.

Doogee really wants you to know this phone is perfect for outdoor use. In fact, the multitude of built-in sensors include a compass, gyroscope, baroreceptor, and¬†coulomb meter. All of these “helps when you are exploring the fields.”
If you aren’t already rushing to grab your wallet, you should know that Doogee is making a “Game of Throne Edition” of the S60. No, I’m not kidding, and I’m pretty sure HBO doesn’t know about it. You can win one from the contest on Doogee’s website, and each unit has a GoT quote embedded on the back. One of them says “Hordor.”

I highly recommend reading the Engrish mess of a press release below. You can buy the S60 from AliExpress right now for $299-$339.

STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What should a rugged phone be? With more and more people getting interested in outdoor exploration and outdoor sports, the needs for a powerful rugged smartphone is increasing. DOOGEE, the professional smartphone manufacturer,

Article originally published at: Android Police