The Note 8 made me feel better about my terrible painting skills

The Note 8 made me feel better about my terrible painting skills

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The Note 8’s Coloring app is one of the best reasons to use the improved S Pen.Back in college, I was working as a bank teller between classes and needed an outlet. I didn’t want to drink more than I already did, and I already spent too much time reading books I didn’t enjoy to enjoy the ones I wanted to read, so I decided to do something else: paint.

I embraced my inner artist and learned to love my skill-less creations.

At the advice of a friend, I went to an art supply store, got a few canvasses, a variety of brushes, and a smattering of colors, intending to go home and escape to the blissful solitude of visual expression. And express I did: a handful of canvasses awash in energetic colors, splayed randomly and with little care for the finished product. The goal was not to create a work of art, but to create art through work, and by doing so remove me ever so briefly from the monotony of the scholar’s life.

I’ve since graduated and left that mundanity behind, but the call of the canvas is still strong. There was something about the tactility of pressing brush to palette to paper and back again that, despite the end result looking similar to a two-year-old’s musings on stewed carrots on a white tile floor, I found profoundly satisfying. It tickled a different part of the brain that keeps me writing creatively and editing fastidiously. The swirls of color take no form but the darkening cloud of mixed primaries; no purpose but the process itself.
It was with great delight, then, that I found buried within the Note 8’s Air Command menu a new feature called Coloring, which provides an outlet for painters, real and pretend. Brush work is not new to

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