The OUKITEL MIX 2 compares well to modern flagships at a fraction...

The OUKITEL MIX 2 compares well to modern flagships at a fraction of the cost [Sponsored Post]

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We’re used to being told that you have to spend more to get more, all the while flagship prices have doubled over the last four years. So not only are we told that the best should cost more, but that’s also turned into a moving signpost. Thankfully we have companies like OUKITEL that can repeatedly stretch how far your cash can go. The company’s recently announced MIX 2, coming this October, delivers flagship-like specs in a low-bezel package for just $299.99.
The full specs for OUKITEL’s MIX 2 are below:

The obvious comparison for the OUKITEL MIX 2 is Xiaomi’s new MIX 2. Both phones have a sleek and minimal design, with narrow bezels on three sides. But looks can be deceiving. On the inside, the two phones are a bit different.

True, both have a 5.99″ 18:9 FHD+ (2160×1600) screen, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, 4K video recording, and dual-sim support. They both have similar quick-charging specs and comparable WiFi connectivity. But that’s about where the similarities end.
The OUKITEL MIX 2 makes do with a glass back, but it has a bigger 4080mAh battery. They both have 5MP front-facing cameras, but OUKITEL’s phone steps things up a bit with a dual-camera configuration on the back, combined with a dual flash.

It even has an octa-core processor in the form of the Helio P25. And the OUKITEL MIX 2 uses the far more ubiquitous Micro-USB port. While the latter might not be to everyone’s preferences, if you were looking to pick up a new slim-bezel phone without replacing all your chargers, then OUKITEL’s phone stands alone.
The best part? The OUKITEL MIX 2 even has a headphone jack. So many recent flagships have dropped this basic feature, it’s almost incredible that it needs to be pointed out as an advantage. But at least with the

Article originally published at: Android Police