These are the 5 PlayStation PlayLink games you'll be able to control...

These are the 5 PlayStation PlayLink games you'll be able to control with your phone

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Here’s everything to expect from the 5 PlayStation PlayLink games announced so farDuring E3 this past June, Sony announced its new PlayLink system for the PlayStation 4 that allows users to play games with other people in the room by using their phones. It’s a rather ingenious take on the whole party-game niche, and Sony recently outlined all of the PlayLink games that have been announced for the PS4 so far.
That’s You!

That’s You! is currently the only PlayLink game that’s actually available to play, but it’s a great example of what PlayLink is truly capable of. Developed by Wish Studios, That’s You! lets you get together with a group of friends to answer questions about one another to see how well you truly know each other.
Questions like “Who’d use a two-for-one coupon on a romantic date?” and “Who’d enjoy the feeling of being handcuffed?” help to get everyone involved and thinking, and by answering questions correctly, you get points. Combine this with a Joker power-up that lets you double points for answers you’re really confident about, and That’s You! is a great game to throw on when hanging out with your besties.
Hidden Agenda

There are currently three games scheduled to be released on October 24, and the first of those is Hidden Agenda. Unlike the fun and light atmosphere created by That’s You!, Hidden Agenda is a murder mystery/thriller game that’s seen a lot of inspiration from games like Until Dawn.
You and your group will have to make decisions that affect the story of Hidden Agenda by voting for what should happen on your phones, and throughout the game, certain players will receive Hidden Agenda cards that give them additional points for making certain decisions over others.
Knowledge is Power

The second game slated for an October 24 release is Knowledge

Article originally published at: Android Central