Xiaomi Mi A1 announced: Android One with great specs, affordable price, wide...

Xiaomi Mi A1 announced: Android One with great specs, affordable price, wide availability, and a promise of Oreo in 2017

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We haven’t heard a lot from Android One lately, but it seems that the program is catching on in several countries like Japan and Turkey. You can add India to that list, as well as several dozens other countries thanks to the announcement of the new Xiaomi Mi A1.
Xiaomi had teased a new “flagship dual camera” on Twitter a few days ago, and just like the rumors predicted, this is the Mi A1, the latest Android One (A1, geddit?) phone. And I have to say, Xiaomi pulled all the stops there. It’s an impressive device for an impressive little price. I’ll make things easier by listing the specs in a friendly table format:

As you can see, Xiaomi pulled a good one here. The Mi A1 looks nice with its rounded edges and curved 2.5D glass, almost invisible separation lines, and metal unibody design. And at the price point, you can forgive the bezels and hardware navigation keys.

Xiaomi says it used a pyrolytic graphite sheet in the device to improve the thermal dissipation and reduce the temperature by 2°C. Additionally, the black model also has a special coating to resist fingerprints, which should be welcome for anyone who’s seen how unsightly most glass-covered black devices get after being handled for a few minutes.

Obviously, one of the star features being touted is the dual camera setup on the back. Xiaomi says there are several dual-cam setups on the market today, but it opted for the wide-angle + telephoto one, with 12MP lenses on both that are “similar to iPhone 7 Plus” and deliver “a remarkable DSLR experience.” There are plenty of software enhancements to the camera too, including natural color correction and a “Beautify 3.0” feature for the back camera. You can see samples taken by the Mi A1 below, though

Article originally published at: Android Police