Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 preview: Ready for primetime

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 preview: Ready for primetime

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Xiaomi’s bezel-less phone is ready to take on the LG V30 and the Galaxy Note 8.
Xiaomi’s Mi Mix was one of the most innovative products of 2016, but the main drawback with the phone was its availability. With the Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi is looking to change all that. The overall design of the phone is based on its predecessor, but Xiaomi made a few key changes that make the Mi Mix 2 a much better product.
Xiaomi retained the ultrasonic proximity sensor and the camera sensor at the bottom, but it made a few tweaks in other areas — the piezoelectric acoustic driver has been switched out for a standard earpiece, which sits in a narrow slit at the top of the phone. Xiaomi implemented the change after getting feedback from Mi Mix users that the piezoelectric driver wasn’t suitable for calls.

When it comes to the design, the ceramic back of the Mi Mix 2 curves gently to the sides to meet the frame, making it a lot easier to hold the device. Xiaomi also went with a four-sided curved design with rounded corners — much like what we’ve seen on the Mi 6.
The phone itself now features a 5.99-inch display, down from the 6.4-inch panel that was used in the first-gen Mi Mix. The decrease in display size makes a huge difference when using the phone one-handed, with the Mi Mix 2 slightly smaller than standard 5.5-inch phone.
The way Xiaomi is able to do that is by cutting down on the bezels — there is a still a chin at the bottom to accommodate the front camera, but the top portion is devoid of any sensors. The effect is quite striking, and makes the Mi Mix 2 stand out when compared to other bezel-less phones.

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Article originally published at: Android Central