Can you stream Daydream games to Twitch?

Can you stream Daydream games to Twitch?

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Yes, but it’s a bit complicated.
Twitch streaming is now an integral part of modern gaming and as such any chance to stream new or unique content is going to be worthwhile for any streamer. There are a lot of fun, interesting apps and games available for Daydream that would be worth streaming and with a little leg work you should be able to get a great stream running.
Want to stream to Twitch? Here’s how to get started!
Ok, so what do I need?

It’s complicated, but with the right equipment it is doable. Obviously you will need a Daydream viewer, I used the old one but it will work just as well, if not better with the new one as it has a handy heatsink for longer game sessions. You will also need a Daydream compatible phone, currently there are 15 phones you can use with it, and the chances are you already have one. The Pixels, The Samsung S8’s, and some Motorola and LG phones, are all Daydream ready and as they are the cutting edge of android devices you probably own one already.
Now things get a little more technical. You will need a HDMI passthrough streaming module. We are currently using an Elgato game capture HD60, a super simple capture card that plugs into your USB and allows streaming to multiple streaming service. Lastly you will need a Chromecast, any of them seem to work but the Chromecast Ultra has an ethernet port to allow faster streaming of your game.
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How do I put it together?

There are several steps to make this work. You will need to download the Elgato streaming software from their website and plug the Elgato into your PC. Unfortunately, this setup doesn’t seem to work with the Mac so it will have to be a

Article originally published at: Android Central