Clash Royale's 'Epic Quests Update' brings a ton of new modes and...

Clash Royale's 'Epic Quests Update' brings a ton of new modes and gameplay tweaks

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Alright, all of you Clash Royale fans out there, if you didn’t already know, Clash Royale’s Epic Quests Update recently went live on the Play Store as of October 9th. While this article is a titch late, I figured this news might still be of some use. If you happened to have left the game prior to this update or were still on the fence whether you should check out this popular battle arena multiplayer game, it would seem with the release of this new update, now is a great time to jump on in.

As you can see in the above trailer, the Epic Quests Update brings quite a big change to the game. As the name of the update would imply, Quests are now available. The way they work is each player gets a maximum of three quests at one time, where you have the option to replace a single quest once every 24 hours. So even if you have a quest you feel you can’t complete or it simply doesn’t sound like fun, you can replace it with something new the next day.
Another new feature is the new Touchdown game mode where the primary objective is to get any troop to the opposing side’s end zone. Something to keep in mind with this new mode is the fact that there are no Crown Towers, as the only way to earn Crowns is by getting your troops to the end zone of the opposing team. Of course, if you’d like more details you can check out the below video to get a better sense of what Touchdown offers.

But that’s not all folks. You can expect even more changes to the game with the release of the Epic Quests Update. For the full list, please read the quoted text below.


Article originally published at: Android Police