Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus: Which should you buy in India?

Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus: Which should you buy in India?

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Amazon has three great options available if you’re looking to get started with Alexa in India.
India is a huge market for Amazon, and the retailer is investing upwards of $5 billion in the country toward building out its infrastructure and services. A key part of that vision is Alexa — Amazon’s AI platform — so it’s no surprise that the retailer has decided to debut its Echo family in the country. India is the first country in Asia to receive Echo products, and Amazon is kicking things off by rolling out three devices: the Echo, Echo Dot, and the Echo Plus.
Echo devices come in varying shapes and sizes, and the functionality also varies among models. Here’s what you need to know about the Echo, Echo Dot, and the Echo Plus in India.

What’s the same

There are a few things that are common among all three Echo devices. They all feature far-field microphones, which means you can ask Alexa a query from all the way across a room and get an answer. Alexa will also be able to hear you even when there’s loud music playing.
As for Alexa itself, Amazon’s virtual assistant can do everything from giving you a daily news briefing along with a list of your calendar appointments, traffic and weather information, and much more. You’ll also be able to stream music from your favorite services (Saavn and TuneIn are live, Prime Music is coming later this month), and control Hue and Syska LED lights. The Echo devices also have controls at the top for volume playback and to turn off the always-on microphone, and there’s also a light ring that indicates the device’s status with colors.

All three Echo devices have far-field microphones and volume controls at the top.

And finally, you’ll be able to order products on Amazon using your

Article originally published at: Android Central