Google Pixelbook convertible laptop announced

Google Pixelbook convertible laptop announced

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A continuation of the Chromebook Pixel program, with a twist.One piece of Google’s October 4 hardware event that didn’t leak much is the Google Pixelbook, which was announced ahead of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. The new Pixelbook marks a continuation of Google’s original two Chromebook Pixel laptops, now with a little change in the branding to better reflect where the product stands alongside the Pixel phones.

Unlike early rumors had suggested, the Pixelbook is once again built with a traditional laptop form factor, with the one big change being the addition of a 180-degree swiveling screen that lets it fold back into a pseudo-tablet device. It’s a design we’ve seen used many times in lower-end Chromebooks, but this one is decidedly more expensive.
The Pixelbook is just 10 mm thick and weighs 2.2 pounds, but offers super high-end specs. You can choose between a Core i5 and i7 processor, and pair it up with up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

Because of the Pixelbook’s convertible form factor, Google is also introducing a highly precise stylus called the Pixelbook Pen. It has a 10-millisecond latency, 60 degrees of angular awareness and 2000+ levels of pressure sensitivity.
Assistant meets Chrome
The Pixelbook also debuts Google Assistant for Chrome OS. The same Assistant features you know and love from your phone or Google Home are now available, and the Pixelbook has several ways to get your Assistant and you talking to each other.
When you’re in traditional laptop mode, you might not want Assistant going off whenever it hears (or thinks it hears) the keyword. For those times, there is a new button on the Chrome keyboard that lets you type your Assistant query. When you want Assistant to work “normally” when you’re tented to watch a video or in tablet mode, it just

Article originally published at: Android Central