Here's where to pre-order the Google Pixelbook

Here's where to pre-order the Google Pixelbook

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Google’s new Pixelbook looks kinda slick. I think the changes are pretty high that I’m going to grab one. At least, if the keyboard on it is any good. But there are a lot of places to pre-order the new Chromebook up outside the Google Play store. For your convenience (and mine, later) we’ve put together some of the spots you can pick it up into a nice little list. 
Google Store

To start, there’s the obvious location. You can buy Google’s latest Chromebook at the Google Store. There are three models, the i5/128GB, i5/256GB, and the i7/512GB. All but the last have 8GB RAM. The overpowered model at the end of that list, as an overpowered model would require, has 16GB. Prices at the Google Store are as follows:
i5/128GB: $999
i5/256GB: $1,199
i7/512GB: $1,649 (though you can’t actually buy it just yet)
Pixelbook Pen: $99
I’d provide links to each if I could, but they’re all just accessible via the one page here. The Pixelbook Pen is an add-on accessory on that same page, but if you’re determined to grab one separately, it does have its own listing.

Like pretty much everything else in life, you can pick up the new Pixelbook at Amazon, too. You can’t buythe i7 version just yet, but the other two are available for pre-order now. Prices are also, unfortunately, the same as at the Google Store, so you won’t be finding a deal here. At least, not yet.


You know, I have no idea what B&H actually stands for. Whatever it means, you can buy the Pixelbook there, too. They’ve got all three models listed, but only the two i5 units are available for pre-order. You can sign up to be notified when the i7 SKU is up for purchase, though.
Best Buy

The brick and mortar retailer clings to life yet,

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