Moto G5S Plus review: Steadily advancing on flagship territory, but it's not...

Moto G5S Plus review: Steadily advancing on flagship territory, but it's not clear why

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It’s been a few years since the Motorola that we knew and loved was replaced by what I like to call Lenovorola. Gone are the quick updates, Moto Maker, and a lot of other things that made Motorola great; instead, we now have a ton of different models, super slow (or potentially nonexistent) updates, and strange-looking camera bumps.

But after using the Moto G5S Plus, I’ve warmed up a bit to Lenovo’s Motorola. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely usable as a daily driver, even for someone who typically uses flagship phones. The gap between the mid-range and the high-end is rapidly shrinking, and Motorola is jumping on that wave with the G5S Plus. Unfortunately, the combination of an inferior camera and a significant price hike make this phone a bit hard to recommend without its current discount.

Design and display
Six months ago, the Moto G5 Plus added a metal body, but it… well, it was ugly. There were no real contrasting elements on the back, making it look like some sort of mutant one-eyed fish. The S (which is supposed to stand for “special edition,” by the way) adopts the generic metal-bodied design that devices like the older HTC One series and OnePlus’s products use, and though it isn’t anything special in that respect, it looks good. There are chamfers around both the front and rear, adding to the premium feel.

Looking around the phone, the G5 Plus owners among you may notice that the layout for buttons and slots is actually different. The headphone jack has been relocated to the top, and the microSD/nanoSIM slot to the left. Plus, there’s now a dedicated speaker on the bottom, instead of the earpiece combo unit used on the standard G5. On the right side, we still have a textured power button sitting

Article originally published at: Android Police