These are the must-have apps for your Huawei Watch 2

These are the must-have apps for your Huawei Watch 2

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These apps are made to let you get the most out of your new Huawei Watch 2!
Android Wear makes wearing a watch not only stylish again, but lets you access a variety of apps to enhance your day to day life. If you’ve just picked up a new Huawei Watch 2 or Watch 2 Classic and you’re trying to figure out which apps will be the first to get added, then feast your eyes on our suggestions.
We’ve put together five apps that will let you start to get some more out of your smartwatch, and we’ve combed through dozens of apps to find the best ones to get started with. Additionally, we aimed to find apps that you can use without having to constantly input anything on your phone.
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Strava Running and Cycling GPS

One of the big perks of an Android Wear device is being able to better track your workouts. Whether you’re training to run a marathon, or you prefer scenic bike rides, Strava is an excellent choice to log your workout.
You can track your distance, calories burned, and even the elevation of your activity through the app. You will need to set it up on your phone, but once you’ve done that your Huawei Watch 2 will record information when it senses activity.
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Ridesharing services have made getting a ride easier than ever, all from an app on your phone. Uber is also available right on your smartwatch, with some serious stand-alone capabilities.
You don’t have access to every feature that is available through your smartphone, but at the same time, you have access to everything that matters. You can order a ride, check driver progress, and see details on your incoming driver. That means that when you’re ready to head for home, all you need to

Article originally published at: Android Central