Top 5 apps to check out this week

Top 5 apps to check out this week

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The Play Store is an endless resource for apps of all kinds where many new apps are added every week. So where to start when you want to discover something new? AndroidPIT of course. Without further ado, here’s our picks of the week.

Be My Eyes
As the name implies, Be My Eyes is an interesting volunteer app for the blind. People who are blind or visually impaired can call you through the app, allow remote viewing of their smartphone camera, and allow you to guide them somewhere. Anyone can become a volunteer, so it’s important to keep in mind that this is a serious service.
Be My Eyes literally allows you to do your good deed of the day. / © Be My Eyes
Download Be My Eyes from the Play Store
Already a hit on iOS, Drag’n’Boom now finally hits the Play Store for Android. The concept is simple: you play as a dragon to destroy everything in its path like any self-respecting dragon. Dragons also love their gold, so here you’ll have to snag as much loot as you can.

Download Drag’n’Boom from the Play Store
Direct Chat
For all you Facebook Messenger lovers out there, you can bring out your inner ‘chat head’ across different messaging platforms with Direct Chat. Direct Chat makes the loved/hated chat heads feature available across platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Slack and more.
Chat heads for almost every app: Direct Chat. / © Unique Gem Visions
Download Direct Chat from the Play Store
Game Of Thrones: Conquest
As if the last season of Game of Thrones wasn’t exciting enough, all you GoT fans will be delighted to learn that Danerys, Jon and all of Westeros is available

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