Why Google's Pixel 2 XL will be my next phone

Why Google's Pixel 2 XL will be my next phone

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There have been a lot of great smartphones so far this year, but the Pixel 2 XL is easily the best choice for me. Here’s why.In all of my years writing about Android, I’ve never once pre-ordered a phone on the day of its announcement. I typically wait for reviews to come out and to get hands-on time with a device myself before handing over my cash, but something changed this year. Despite heavy hitters like the Galaxy S8, LG V30, and Note 8 all begging for my attention and money, I ignored all of them (and my sensible instincts) and pre-ordered the Pixel 2 XL as soon as pre-orders went live on October 4.

Google absolutely killed it last year
It took a lot of strength and willpower to not purchase a Pixel last fall on the day of its announcement, but I decided to hold off and see what my colleagues had to say. As I’m sure all of you remember, response to the phone was overwhelmingly positive. Despite this, I still held off. The phone simply didn’t look all that interesting after the initial excitement wore off, but then I actually got one as my daily driver in June.
The Pixel was a perfect example of a phone that you had to actually use for yourself and carry as a daily driver to understand what made it so great. There’s nothing interesting or exciting about its hardware, but the software that’s powering the phone is still magical to this day. Last year’s Pixel still remains as one of the snappiest and most fluid Android experiences on the market, and Google’s expertise when it comes to camera software and performance remains as one of the industry’s best.

2016’s Pixel XL
Because of these things and so much more, the Pixel offered a user

Article originally published at: Android Central