Xtorm review: Good but expensive USB-C hubs, chargers, and cables for the...

Xtorm review: Good but expensive USB-C hubs, chargers, and cables for the European market

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There are many perks to living in the US: Google services availability, frequent Amazon deals, lower tech prices (on average), and the fact that many tech companies are based there, meaning you never have to worry about plugs and voltages when buying your gadgets. Cross the Atlantic and the story gets a bit more complicated. Each time we, the poor souls living in Europe and countries that follow the European electricity standards, want to buy something new that isn’t officially available for us, we have to make sure it works on 220-240V and that as a bonus, it has an EU plug so we don’t have to use a small adapter that will add weight and could cause the whole thing to fall off the wall at any time.
One example is chargers, which have been a pet-peeve of mine for the longest time. Qualcomm announces QC 2.0 and it’s nay impossible to find a charger with an EU plug that supports itĀ for months. Same with QC 3.0. Same with USB-C. We have to wait and when the products finally come, they often cost twice, maybe even three times as much as the US equivalent.
You’ve probably heard of Anker, Aukey, and Tronsmart: they all make EU-compatible chargers, but more competition is always welcome. That’s why I was excited when I heard about a dutch brand called Xtorm. From the address, xtorm.eu, you know this is a company that focuses on the European market and I had to try it out. Xtorm ships to several countries around Europe and its products exist at several online and store retailers too.

In the following review, I’ll be taking a look at 5 of the company’s USB-C products: the XPD16 Vigor power hub, CX018 dual port wall charger, XPD14 car charger, and two cables: the

Article originally published at: Android Police