Chrome Beta 64 blocks redirecting ads, switches to a white navigation bar,...

Chrome Beta 64 blocks redirecting ads, switches to a white navigation bar, and more [APK Download]

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Chrome 64 is scheduled to be released in January, which means we get a beta version this month. In Chrome Beta 64, the blocking feature for redirecting ads is enabled by default, there’s a white navigation bar for Android 8.1, and plenty of smaller changes for users and developers are included.
Blocking redirecting ads
Back in November, Google announced that Chrome would start blocking redirects coming from third-party frames. This meant that ads could no longer hijack the page they were embedded on, and force a redirect to another page. Due to the malicious ads being accepted into Google AdSense and other advertising networks, our site suffered from the redirects (usually sending people to a fake virus alert), as did many others.
As expected, the redirect ad blocker is enabled by default in Chrome 64. When an embedded frame tries to hijack the parent page, Chrome will automatically block it, and show a small warning at the bottom. You can try a demo here.

On a related note, Tab-under Navigations (when a page opens a popup, and then the original page redirects to another page, usually an ad) are now blocked as well. Chrome will inform users when the navigation is blocked, in case they want to see the redirected link anyways.
White navigation bar
I’m definitely not a fan of Google switching its apps to use white navigation bars on Android 8.1. YouTube, Google Photos, and Chrome Canary all switched to a white nav bar earlier this month.

It looks like Google has moved the white navigation bar up to Chrome 64. There’s not much else to say about it. I do wish the navigation bar color would match the theme color for the site you’re viewing, similar to how the status bar and address bar already changes color.
Other features
Like always, Chrome 64 includes changes for

Article originally published at: Android Police