Five great apps for your Merge Cube

Five great apps for your Merge Cube

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Explore the shiny new world os Augmented Reality with these apps!
The Merge Cube from Merge VR is a real treat! At just $10.99 it opens up augmented reality in a way haven’t really seen before and, although it is fairly new there are a handful of fun apps you might enjoy.
We have filtered through the different apps, both 3rd party and branded, to give you the best of the bunch.
Don’t have a Merge Cube yet? Here’s where you can buy one!
Do you remember the game that came preloaded on the HTC phones of yesteryear called Teeter? It helped show off the “The Wonder of Gyroscopes” in the devices by tilting a ball along a maze to reach the goal.

Well, Tiltball is Teeter squared. Using the Merge Cube to create a truly 3D tilt machine you have to navigate your little green ball across traps and over bridges to get it to the next castle. The controls for Tiltball are simple, just tilt the cube. No pressing the screen or anything fiddly. This means kids and adults can enjoy the game equally.
The game feels smooth most of the time but does slow slightly if you move too quickly. make sure your hands don’t cover too much of the cube at the same time while you are playing though, If they do the cube will return to its mundane view but the game will pause, which some others don’t.
All around this game is a great starting point for anyone who has recently bought the Merge Cube. It’s a game we are all familiar with and is an excellent game to play with or without a headset.
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If any of you have ever played Bop It! You will be familiar with the concept of Defused! The aim is simple, to

Article originally published at: Android Central