Google Maps v9.69 beta adds reviews and comments to lists, improves step-by-step...

Google Maps v9.69 beta adds reviews and comments to lists, improves step-by-step transit notifications, prepares new location sharing option, and more [APK Teardown]

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A new version of Google Maps hit the beta channel late Friday evening. At the same time, Google announced improvements to the step-by-step navigation features for moving through public transit. That announcement applies to v9.68 and above, but after poking around in 9.69, there are also a couple of new things to check out. You can now see your reviews on locations in your custom lists, and add comments to those places to add hints or recommendations. A teardown also provides some hints about upcoming features like a new option to share a location without having it track your movements.
What’s New

Step-by-Step transit navigation with notifications (blog post)
Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)
Reviews appear in lists
Add comments to places in your lists

Step-by-Step directions through public transit

The Google Maps team is making navigation through public transit much more intuitive and convenient. Starting with Google Maps 9.68 (the previous version), you’ll now receive notifications with your transit directions, including helpful indicators and time estimates. As you move from place to place, Maps will update the notification to reflect each step of the way, much like it does for driving navigation.
Our previous teardown turned up signs that this was coming, but settings for this feature have been around for months, and this is just the latest in a series of improvements targeting transit navigation. In fact, an early version of transit navigation (including notifications) was first launched back in 2011.
Reviews now appear in lists

If you’re browsing some of your lists since the latest update, you might notice they’re looking a little more information-dense. That’s because your written reviews now appear below each location. Only the first few lines of text are shown, but tapping on the review will expand it to full length.

Local Guides spent a few months testing Lists before they were

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