Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy Note 5: Should you upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy Note 5: Should you upgrade?

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Is it time to move on to the new Note?
With the quick rise and fall of the Galaxy Note 7, there’s a huge number of people out there with a Galaxy Note 5 today who have been dying to get their hands on something fresh. The Note 5 is, with little argument, still a strong phone today — but with contracts and financing plans coming to an end two years after the Note 5 came out, the upgrade cycle is ready to set those people on to something new. At the same time, early adopters who would have (or actually had) bought a Note 7 have been extra twitchy waiting for a refresh.
Note users, on average, are very likely to want to upgrade to a new Note, not just a new phone. And now the time has come, with the Galaxy Note 8. So is this the right upgrade for a Note 5 user? Or has the time finally come to consider a different kind of phone? Let’s break it down.
What’s changed and improved

The biggest (literally) and most noticeable change in this two-year upgrade is the size of the Note 8. In moving to a new 18.5:9 aspect ratio and going with a larger overall screen, the Note 8 is much taller and heavier than the Note 5. At almost a centimeter taller and 14% heavier, the Note 8 is pretty hefty, even though its curved sides and slightly narrower footprint help a little in terms of grip. Chances are if you’re used to a Note you’ll be able to adapt to the larger size, but know that you will be going considerably larger here.

Bigger, better-specced, waterproof and filled with new little features.

But for that size change, you get more inside the phone and more of a better screen to

Article originally published at: Android Central