Why KWGT is an essential tool for Android themers and widget lovers

Why KWGT is an essential tool for Android themers and widget lovers

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Nowhere is home screen customization more important than widgets.

A good widget can improve both the usefulness and the beauty of a home screen. A stylish weather widget can give you a heads-up before you roll out into a rainy day. A calendar widget can help keep you focused and productive throughout your day. A whimsical music widget can help you control your music and your mood, day or night. But what if the widget that came with your favorite apps are trash? What if you want widgets that look as good as they perform?
Well, that’s when you bust out customized widgets. And now that Zooper is dead, if you want truly customizable widgets, you bust out KWGT.
What is KWGT?
KWGT — short for Kustom Widget — is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get widget maker. What does that mean? It’s basically Photoshop for widgets: you build a widget layer by layer, piece by piece. With this level of control over a widget, users can craft widgets that fit their tastes, their needs, and their home screen.

Kustom widgets consist of a variety of items, from simple pieces like text and images, to more complex Kustom Komponents and FontIcons. Komponents are customized KWGT blocks, like say a pre-fabricated music widget where all you have to do is change the colors and resize it to fit your widget box, or a series of customized weather icons to match a particular theme. Komponents can be packaged and distributed on Google Play, so you can find Komponents, as well as assembled Kustom widget Presets on the store for you to buy and download, both simplifying and broadening the experience for the average Kustom user.

Presets are essentially finished widgets that are ready to be loaded and tweaked as desired. You can also export Kustom widgets you’ve already customized and liked as

Article originally published at: Android Central