Belkin WeMo smart switches review: A good idea held back by connectivity...

Belkin WeMo smart switches review: A good idea held back by connectivity and software issues

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With a couple of months of use behind me, my feelings about the Belkin WeMo switches are just as conflicted now as they were when I unpacked these. On paper, the idea of a switch that you can plug anything in to make it smart is fantastic. In reality, I struggled to find many, if any honestly, devices I wanted to use the WeMo with. But that’s not even the meat of my issue with WeMo’s switches. Their connectivity has been iffy at best, the app is laughably old, and integration with other smart home devices is hit and miss, mostly because of the aforementioned connectivity issues.
But to be correct, your mileage will vary. Some users report no issues whatsoever with many WeMo switches in their home’s setup, while others like me struggle with just one or two. It’s this inconsistency in the experience that makes it hard to recommend Belkin’s solution.
As it stands now, I find it tough to justify using the WeMo switches with anything after I take down the Christmas trees at home and work. As I have mentioned earlier, making the tree smart is one of the best uses of switches with Google Home and it’s easy to put up with the issues for a few weeks when you can just say, “It’s Christmas time!” and have your tree magically light up… when my Home sees it as available that is. But beyond that, the frustrations have been enough that I’ll probably pack the WeMo up until next Christmas.

Hardware and setup
Since I live in Lebanon, the EU switches which are compatible with 220V and Type C are the ones I’ll be looking at. But Belkin makes these also for the US (including the newer Mini smart plug), UK, Australia, as well as several European countries (example: France). The

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