Best apps for Fitbit Ionic

Best apps for Fitbit Ionic

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The Fitbit Ionic’s app selection is growing all the time, and these are a few of my favorites.
When the Fitbit Ionic first launched last September, the app selection was a bit barren. Big names like Starbucks, Pandora, and Strava were there, but there wasn’t much of anything else. However, following a lot of developer support, that’s started to change. The Ionic received its first major update in early December, and with this brought a host of new watch faces and apps to check out.
If you own a Fitbit Ionic, these are the apps that deserve a place on your wrist.

One of the apps that launched on the Ionic right out of the box was Starbucks. It still works perfectly fine by allowing you to have your Starbucks card live on your wrist, but that’s about all it does. Barcodes is a similar app, but it takes things a step further.
In addition to being able to store your Starbucks card on Barcodes, you can also add your gym membership, student ID, rewards card for the grocery store, and more. Up to five cards can be stored, and you can assign each its own name and color to help distinguish what’s what.
Philip Hue Lights

Although I control my Hue lights mainly my talking to the Google Assistant on my Pixel 2 or Google Home, there are times when I need to turn the lights on and off without waking up my fiance. Setting up the Hue app on the Ionic is simple as downloading it and pressing the button on your bridge, and once this is all done, it works rather nicely.
The app does take a second to load upon opening it, but it’s still convenient for quickly turning lights on and off when your phone isn’t nearby or you’d rather not use

Article originally published at: Android Central