Best Car Chargers for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Best Car Chargers for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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What’s the best way to keep your Galaxy Note 8 charged in your car?
Samsung’s latest marvel is the Galaxy Note 8, a gorgeous device that’s packed with awesome features and specs. The only glaring shortcoming might be the battery, which is slightly smaller compared to the Note 7 and Galaxy S8+.
Fortunately, the Note 8 offers multiple different ways to keep it charged on the go, with USB-C fast charging along with Qi wireless charging capabilities. With the right accessories, you can be sure that you always arrive with a full charge. Charge your phone in your car with one of these great accessories.

iOttie iTap Wireless Car Charger

We spent some time testing the iOttie iTap Wireless Car Charger with the Galaxy S8 and it proved to be a fast and reliable wireless charger for inside your car.
There are two mount styles included: one for your car and one for your work desk. The car mount is quick and easy to install on your dash and includes a ball joint to adjust the viewing angle. The magnetic hold is strong and the wireless charging is nearly instantaneous; the built-in fan helps to disperse the heat and keep your phone cool. The only thing that may give you pause is the metal plate that needs to adhere to your phone somehow.
You can slap it on the back of the phone itself, or opt for an ultra thin case that will still allow for wireless charging. There’s no getting around the fact that adding anything that breaks up the Note 8’s flow is going to turn some folks off, but if you’re looking for pure performance from a wireless car charger, the iOttie iTap is worth your consideration (even if it is $70).
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Dodocool Qi Wireless Charger

So you want to wirelessly charge your

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