CES 2018 wrap-up: Alexa continues its smart home dominance

CES 2018 wrap-up: Alexa continues its smart home dominance

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Every year at CES, there is always a dominating theme showcased by electronics manufacturers. 3D TVs, wearables, health, crazy smartphones, and connected appliances are just a few examples. CES 2018 saw the continuing domination of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, though Google Assistant put up a fair fight.
Alexa isn’t confined to audio products either – we’ve seen her on appliances, robots, and other tech. There were so many products announced at CES with Alexa that it was impossible to give all of them separate posts (and if we’re being honest, some of them don’t really deserve one). Now that the show is over, here’s a summary of all the new devices with Alexa or Alexa integration from CES 2018.
Abode Systems

The Abode iota¬†functions as a security camera and ZigBee/Z-Wave smart home hub. Sadly, it’s only Alexa-enabled instead of having Alexa, so you’ll need to use a separate device to control it. It’s definitely more oriented as a security device – you can find out more info in our previous coverage.


Acer revealed an Alexa-enabled projector, named the¬†V6820M/i (pictured above). Much like Optoma’s model further down this list, it has a resolution of 4K and supports HDR. The projector can also play 3D content over HDMI. Once you enable the Acer Projector Smart Home skill in Alexa, you can use commands like “Turn on the projector,” “Select HDMI as the projector source,” and “Alexa, change projector display mode to bright.” Acer has not yet announced a price point or release date.
The company also announced that select Aspire, Spin, Switch, and Swift PCs starting in Q1 2018 will receive Alexa. The update will come from Acer’s Care Center software, with a wider rollout expected in mid-2018. Some recent Acer laptops (like the Switch 7 Black Edition and Spin 5) have four microphones for better

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