Fingers-on with the new and weird Vital and Keyboard Moto Mods

Fingers-on with the new and weird Vital and Keyboard Moto Mods

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The latest Mods for the Moto Z line bring a slide-out keyboard and blood pressure monitoring to the party.

Motorola’s not backing away from the Moto Mod ecosystem, adding a mini slide-out keyboard and a health monitor to the line-up of capability enhancing add-ons for the Moto Z. We got to try out the two newest: the Lenovo Vital Moto Mod and the Livermorium Slider Keyboard Moto Mod.
Lenovo Vital Moto Mod
More and more we’re seeing health tools integrated into the gadgets we carry, from heart rate sensors to blood oxygen sensors. They’re usually pretty good, but they’re not quite clinical level. But there’s stuff they can’t do, and that’s where the Lenovo Vital Moto Mod comes in.
It’s a very bulky number, but it has to be to include the mechanics necessary to measure blood pressure. It is, in essence, a miniature blood pressure cuff, but instead of being for your arm it is for a single finger. You slip your finger through the ring on the back (a finger on your left hand is recommended for the 99.99% of people with left-sided hearts) and into the cradle — the ring then inflates to restrict the flow of blood through your finger and the pulse and blood oxygen sensors in the cradle turn on. It takes about two minutes to complete the measurements, which are logged in the associated app.

The Vital Moto Mod also has an infrared thermometer that you can hold close to your forehead to gauge your body temperature. While the Vital Moto Mod hasn’t been FDA certified, Lenovo says their own testing has shown it was at least as accurate as the approved clinical devices.
Lenovo’s built the Vital Moto Mod as more of a separate module than a Moto Mod. In fact, it only connects to the Moto Z

Article originally published at: Android Central