Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth sound system review: A gorgeous conversation piece

Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth sound system review: A gorgeous conversation piece

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It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it sounds like heaven.

I don’t like to gush in reviews; it comes off a bit tacky, and this is supposed to be an objective look at a piece of technology, but heed this warning: I’m going to gush (#phrasing). Like the lovechild of a vegan and a CrossFit enthusiast, I’m telling everyone about this thing and no one has asked. The Fluance Fi70 is an all-in-one sound system that’s big, full-featured, and it sounds amazing. Also, the fact that Fluance is a Canadian company makes me super proud of the quality we produce here in the Great White North.
Without further ado, this is the Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth sound system.
I’ve been using the Fi70 for around two weeks after being sent the review unit (brand new) by Fluance.
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Get the look
Let’s start this off by talking about the elephant in the room, and I do mean that somewhat literally. The Fi70 is HUGE. It’s about 30 inches wide by about a foot deep, and if you attach the included stand and pedestal, it’s about 18 inches at the base and around 3 feet tall (knock just over a foot off in height if you don’t use the stand). It’s 81 pounds. Yeah. 81. As far as I know, it’s the biggest Bluetooth speaker in the world, and it’s certainly the loudest.

I have many leather-bound books, my house smells of rich mahogany, and I have a Fluance Fi70.

This is by no means a system you put in the corner and hope it blends into your existing setup; it’s a conversation piece unto itself and a fashion statement. It comes in three wrap options: black, walnut, and “lucky bamboo” (I have the bamboo version). Though it’s a faux-wood wrap, it doesn’t look it. In fact, I legitimately

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