Google Home Max review: The best (and most expensive) smart speaker

Google Home Max review: The best (and most expensive) smart speaker

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The chances are almost 100% that everyone reading this has some way to access the Google Assistant. You might even have more than one Assistant device now that most phone released in the last few years have support and Google is handing out Home Minis like they’re going to expire. The original Google Home has a respectable speaker for the size, and many people use it to listen to music. Yet, for anyone who’s serious about their tunes, the Home and Home Mini just don’t cut it. That’s where the Home Max comes in. This smart speaker is not screwing around—it’s big, heavy, and incredibly loud.
The Home Max is an expensive speaker, and it’s not alone in that respect—you can spend a lot on speakers of all shapes and sizes. However, Home Max could be a great option if you care deeply about audio quality and want easy Assistant integration. The Home Max is smartly designed, feature-rich, and sounds excellent, but most consumers will find it tough to justify that $400 price tag.

Like other smart speakers in the Home lineup, the Google Home Max is not designed to attract attention in spite of its large size (it weighs 12 pounds). It comes in either white/gray or black colors with a fabric sheath covering the front portion where the speakers live. The traditional quartet of Assistant LEDs shine through the center of the fabric when you interact with the speaker by voice or change the volume.

Behind the fabric cover are a pair of 114mm subwoofers, two 18mm tweeters, and six Class-D amplifiers. Five microphones are spread across the surface of the Home Max as well. Around back is the power port, a USB Type-C, and AUX in. The inclusion of AUX is a nice touch if you want to pipe in audio

Article originally published at: Android Police