Ordering pizza on WhatsApp: A bad idea or next big thing?

Ordering pizza on WhatsApp: A bad idea or next big thing?

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WhatsApp has unwittingly, but with all our help, become the communication center of our lives, or at least a large part of them. For a long time it was free, then became paid to support its infrastructure and now, since Facebook bought it, free again. The business potential is there, waiting to be activated but has anyone ever wondered if it’s a good idea?

WhatsApp is very attractive for both criminals and businesses.
WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications in the world, and after several years of life it remains among the top 3 downloads. In July of this year, WhatsApp announced that it had reached 1 billion active users per day. But in reality the amount actually goes up if we count the users who use it per month. So around 1300 million users use the application. 
This means that approximately 17% of the world’s population. That’s a lot of people who constantly share their interests and intimacies over the Internet through WhatsApp’s simple thread. So this apparently harmless application is the inevitable target of many cyber-criminals.
WhatsApp scams range from the typical stamp trick in its digital version to fraudulent applications that seek to steal data, benefit from advertising or get you to sign up for a paid SMS service.
WhatsApp calls still need to improve in quality. / © AndroidPIT
On the other hand, there is the business world with a desire to profit but with somewhat more orthodox methods. Methods for contacting all types of establishments have long since emerged through the application. From ordering pizza for WhatsApp or a taxi, to setting up a hairdresser’s appointment or saying good morning to your favorite radio show.


Article originally published at: Droid Life