These are the Android Central team's favorite things from CES 2018!

These are the Android Central team's favorite things from CES 2018!

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With so much to see, it’s easy to find something to love at CES 2018.

CES 2018 has come to a close, and Android Central as a whole handed out Best of CES Awards to some fantastic products.
But the AC team is large and diverse, as is CES itself, so we wanted to round up the one favorite announcement from each of us here at AC to tell you how we all saw the show personally. That means some things that we saw personally at the show, some we lusted after from a far, and a couple that go beyond the Android and mobile world we typically deal with. These are the Android Central team’s favorite things from CES 2018!
Alex Dobie

The new generation of Google Assistant products with displays represent something really interesting and new. Google framed its first major CES presence around “Hey Google,” the new, slightly less awkward hotword for Assistant, but bringing the service’s AI smarts to displays that aren’t your phone was the shows biggest development for me.
Google is already making plenty of headway in enabling Assistant in Bluetooth earbuds from countless manufacturers, and at CES we saw Assistant make its debut on the long-neglected Android Auto as well. But devices like the Lenovo Smart Display give us the clearest picture of where Google sees Assistant going as a platform, when it’s not limited to audio because it’s using earbuds, or a limited subset of features because you’re driving.
Before long I’m sure we’ll see a similar interface replicated on TVs, Chromecasts and other devices, and that process starts with the early Assistant builds we played with at CES this week.
Andrew Martonik

I could very easily choose several different things here and have good justifications for doing so. Most of them will be covered by others here.

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